Granite is one of the most resistant and durable building and finishing materials. It is admirable with its variety of colours and its amazing grainy texture and veining. A careful polishing process can even increase its decorative value. The surface of granite is unusually resistant to abrasion and the action of chemical substances.

Granite Black CosmicGranite Black MosaicGranite Brecia MontanaGranite Brecia TravertineGranite Bronze AmaniGranite Brown AnticoGranite BrunelloGranite Diamond FallGranite Giallo MascarelloGranite Golden PersaGranite Nero Assolutto PatinatoGranite Nero Assolutto SatinatoGranite Red FantasticGranite SantoriniGranite Star GalaxyGranite SuperbordeuxGranite Verde RuccoCarpe Diem

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