Since 1985 we have been introducing you to the world of natural stone. Inspired by its form, colour and texture, we deploy all our experience and expertise to enthusiastically fulfil your dreams. The collection on offer is a selection of several dozen kinds of natural stone. It offers freedom and diversity to suit each interior and mark it with exceptionality and elegance.

Natural stone is one of the best finishing materials..The desired look is only achieved when all the elements prepared in the workshop are finally fitted in their place. Our installers duly deserve the name of true professionals in their trade. It is their experience and skill that determine the final effect of the combined efforts of many people.

Only a part of the tooling is carried out by means of modern numerically-controlled machining processes. Many elements are hand made and the final effect is a result of the combined artistry and experience of our employees. It is their hands that fashion the fine rosettes, subtle inlays and delicate cornices as well as fireplace mantelpieces and window frames.

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